Ishan Srivastava

I am an Applied Math postdoctoral scholar in the group of John Bell at the Center for Computational Science and Engineering in Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, where I am developing numerical simulations of stochastic systems that describe complex fluids at the mesoscale. Previously, I was a postdoctoral scholar in the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies at Sandia National Labs, where I worked with Gary Grest on theoretical and computational investigations of soft and granular materials, and with Scott Roberts on mesoscale investigations of lithium-ion battery electrodes. I received my PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University in summer of 2017, where I was advised by Prof. Tim Fisher at the Birck Nanotechnology Center.

My current research interests lie at the intersection of soft matter, statistical mechanics and continuum mechanics (solid and fluid mechanics). I am particularly interested in developing theories and computational techniques towards predicting the structure and dynamics of complex fluids, soft materials and granular materials, especially in non-equilibrium conditions. Beyond fundamental explorations, my research is often motivated by specific engineering applications such as optimizing electrochemical transport in lithium-ion batteries.


Nov 20, 2020 Latest publication in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics after a long yet satisfying peer review! We have developed a tensorial constitutive model for dense granular flows that advances the state-of-the-art in modeling granular materials. Check it out here: Viscometric flow of dense granular materials under controlled pressure and shear stress. Here is the arXiv version
Sep 29, 2020 Invited talk + co-chaired a session on Granular Materials and Geomechanics at the (virtual) Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Sciences 2020
Sep 16, 2020 New published article: Granular Packings with Sliding, Rolling and Twisting Friction in Physical Review E. Check it out here
Sep 10, 2020 Invited (virtual) talk at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at San Jose State University on Flow-Arrest Transitions in Granular Materials.
Jul 2, 2020 Article published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces: Controlling Binder Adhesion to Impact Electrode Mesostructures and Transport . Will be featured as a Cover Article!
May 19, 2020 Revised manuscript (in review) on viscometric granular rheology uploaded on arXiv: Viscometric flow of dense granular materials under controlled pressure and shear stress
Mar 23, 2020 Article published in Granular Matter: Evolution of internal granular structure at the flow-arrest transition
Mar 1, 2020 APS March Meeting is canceled due to coronavirus! The official announcement
Feb 29, 2020 Heading to Denver, CO for the APS March Meeting 2020. Excited to give an invited talk in Session P24: Granular Flows Beyond Simple Mechanical Models II
Feb 15, 2020 Heading to Ventura, CA. Excited to serve as a discussion leader at the Gordon Research Seminar on Batteries in the session “Beyond Li-Ion Batteries: Emerging Chemistries and Innovative Systems”!